Community Fire Safety

In 2008, 3,320 people lost their lives as a result of fires, and more than 16,000 were injured. That same year, fires killed more Americans than all natural disasters combined.

Each year nearly 40,000 children age 14 and under will be injured by a fire in the home. The cost to families, communities and employers is devastating.

The New Jersey Fire College, a division of the New Jersey State Safety Council, has trained thousands of volunteer firefighters in more than 75 courses. The Fire College offers courses designed to help community fire personnel stay up-to-date and ready for fire emergencies. The college provides training on using equipment, rescue diving, building construction and many other facets of emergency care.

With the help of the Allstate Foundation, the Council has designed a guide to train community leaders in Family Fire Safety. We have delivered this innovative program to hundreds of companies who in turn have sent their employees out to train in their own communities.