How It Works


  • Choose Insurance Reduction, 2 Points Education, or both!
  • Pick Your Payment Method.
  • Receive an Authorization Key by email.


  • Go to and enter your Authorization Key.
  • Create a profile that will let you access the online course 24/7.

NJSSC Campus

  • The course will only take about 4 hours.
  • You may stop and return as many times as you'd like until you are finished.
  • Download and print your Certificate of Completion once you successfully finish the course.
Online Course

  • If you drive a car and pay insurance, then you are eligible for a reduction in your premium (more details).
  • Contact your insurance provider for more information and specific discounts.
  • The course can be taken for an insurance discount once every three years.

Per New Jersey State rule, N.J.S.A. 17:33B-45.1 NJ insurance companies are required to offer discounts for active insurance premium holders who successfully completed an approved Driver Safety course. This applies to all insurance companies writing private passenger policies in New Jersey, and earns the participant a minimum of five percent discount to the base rate for Bodily Injury Liability, Property Damage Liability, Personal Injury Protection and Collision coverages on their auto insurance. Just provide a copy of your Certificate of Completion to your insurance carrier. The insurance reduction is available for three years or until a driver accumulates four (4) motor vehicle points or loses his/her license. Discounts apply to private passenger automobiles, with only one discount per vehicle. If the policy insures two or more vehicles, the discount applies to the vehicle principally operated by the person who completes the course. Some insurance companies only allow one discount per driver, so contact your insurance provider for more details.
Discount Approved

  • If you have points on your driving record then you may be eligible to have up to 2 points removed (more details).
  • As part of our service, we will send your course completion record to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission.
  • This course can be taken for points reduction once every five years.

To be eligible for a two point reduction, you (1) must have a valid, non-commercial, New Jersey driver’s license, (2) must currently have points on your driving record, and (3) must not have completed this, or any other, defensive driving course for point reduction in the last five (5) years. We will provide the NJ MVC with your completion record and NJ MVC will remove two points from your driving.
Point Reduction